Alumni Network

The IASS Fellow Programme promotes the idea of gathering all kinds of knowledge and the wealth of ideas from science, politics, business and civil society to address the sustainability challenges of our time. After the tenure of their fellowship, IASS Fellows continue to act across institutions and borders, using their knowledge and experience to initiate changes towards more sustainable societies. For that reason, the IASS strives to maintain contact with former Fellows upon successful completion of their fellowship.

In recent years, about 300 Fellows from over 40 countries have conducted research and carried out a variety of projects at the IASS. With the annually increasing number of Fellow Alumni, an expanding network around the world is emerging. The IASS Fellow Alumni Network aims to bring together former and current Fellows, staff members of the IASS and its partners. And we also want to foster and enhance the mentoring of young scientists by Fellow Alumni.

Connect with former and current Fellows and IASS staff and share your knowledge and skills.

The network offers IASS Fellow Alumni a number of benefits:

  • Networking among an active international science community
  • Updates on Alumni activities, news from the IASS
  • Personal invitations to exclusive IASS events
  • Promoting Fellows’ research and providing visibility
  • Guest authors for IASS website / blog
  • Exchange of ideas and networking opportunities at Fellow Meetings and Tuesday Talks
  • Support in implementing innovative ideas and making projects happen
  • Possibility to become an Affiliate Scholarship

Join our Community and build the network together with us: